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Fehler DB Connect 1

Virtual Reality SUBMISSIVE

BDSM. A huge topic that has always interested me somehow, but of which I have always had a huge respect. So did my previous partners, which is probably why I could never try anything in this direction. Honestly, I wouldnt have really known how to approach the topic. So I went out two weeks ago and got smart on the internet. Already during the research it became more and more clear to me that I have a small preference for BDSM. Many areas appealed to me very much, although I didnt know so clearly how I could have implemented it with my current partner. After long consideration I decided for a BDSM love letter, in order to communicate my desires and/or BDSM fantasies to my friend. At first I was very motivated, but after holding the pen in my hand, I had a complete failure in my head. Every time I thought I could get started, my BDSM fantasies had gone up in smoke. It was more difficult than I thought. But after I had found a beginning, the rest came all by itself... I imagine myself receiving you at home. I had enough time in advance to prepare myself carefully. I am completely shaved and carefully creamed. My skin feels soft as butter. It feels nice to touch myself, but I have to be careful and always take myself back. I dont want to come until youre here. Wants to save my sexual energy completely for you.

Sexy lingerie strengthen self-confidence of a sub

I continue to get ready and put on the lingerie I ordered last week. A wonderful set from Gossard. Im looking a bit pin-up, but I think its great! I combined it with accessories from Maze. I feel beautiful and strong self-confident. Everything is prepared to finally put my BDSM fantasies into action. It rings and my heart makes a sentence. I am excited. You wont be able to get your hands off me if you see me like this... not even I can do it right now. I feel so incredibly irresistible. I receive you at the door with nothing except my hot lingerie and suspenders. I hold my whip in my hand, but only to remind you that I am in charge today. I invite you in and stop you to follow me. I go ahead, towards the bedroom, so that you can look at my crunchy ass and legs undisturbed. I look down at you and notice that you already have a stiff. Arriving in the bedroom, I turn to you. You look at me a little uncertainly and open your mouth to tell me something, but I interrupt you by holding my whip to your mouth. Today you may only speak if I allow you to, I say. You grin and nod. Take off your clothes... I demand. Kneel down. You follow my instructions well.

Dominant men are very attracitve to women

I put a blindfold on you and knot your hands together behind your back. I go up and down a few times, then around you. I want you to hear the clacking of my heels. I notice how hard you try to listen closely to find out where I am right now. From time to time I get a little closer to your body to absorb your smell and breathe tenderly into you. I take care that I approach your body with my lips close enough for you to feel my breath, but do not touch you. Your sensitive areas in particular make you feel a slight cramp. As soon as I distance myself from your body, you relax again. It is tempting to tease you like this. I look down on you and notice that you already have a stiffness. That turns me on so much that Im already wet... and weve only just started! Attractive aids: Tickler, lip gloss and Co. Next I take my Tickler in my hand and the game starts all over again. A quiet groan escapes you and I want more. The Tickler must feel great on the skin, so I decide that I want to switch later after Ive done my program on you. Me as SUB and you as DOM. But its still my turn. Get up! I say. Ill help you to sit on the edge of the bed. Meanwhile I grab my stimulating lip gloss and wear some of it on my lips. I feel like pampering you orally. I kneel down in front of you and as soon as I have put my lips on your glans, you draw in the air sharply. The light menthol taste makes it tingle on your skin and of course you didnt expect that. The new feeling lets you come faster than you like and you squirt under loud moaning in my mouth. I get up again and take off your blindfold again. I feel your glances on my body and I get very hot. God, how I love to tease you. Your mischievous, loving look simply gives me the rest. When I imagine that you are going to show me a more dominant way of you, it makes me get completely wet. It excites me when you treat me differently and watch me all the time while you give me orders. I feel so safe that I just let myself go. Im looking forward to fucking you through so beautifully. You take me, lift me up and put me on the bed. You take my hands and feet and tie them to the bed frame with shackles. You put a blindfold on me and turn the music louder. I listen to classical music - its so loud that I cant hear exactly where you are in the room. My neck hairs stand up. I can hardly wait for what happens next. My whole body is excited and before you have touched me I drip. I suddenly hear your voice next to my ear: You are so damn sexy you say. Im looking forward to fucking you through so beautifully. I almost came at that moment, but you leave me no time to think about it any further. I alternately feel the soft feathers of the tickler and your tongue on my skin. I cant stand it any longer, I really want to feel you in me. Fuck me, I whisper quietly, but you ignore me, just keep going. Every time you come closer to my most sensitive spot, youre already gone. That drives me crazy. You take the blindfold off me again and look at me again with your mischievous look. Fuck me, I say again, this time something more specific, but it does nothing. You smile and ignore my words again. I have the feeling that my Fick-mich-Blick turns you on at least as much, because I notice how your tail swells again to the full size. I cant think of anything else but feeling your tail inside me.

Bow to your master

I see a burning candle in your hand and panic for a moment, but then I recognize the massage candle I gave you on Valentines Day. It doesnt get as hot as normal candles and I relax again. Weve never had the opportunity and now Im all excited. The first time I feel the more or less hot drops on my skin is overwhelming. You blindfold me again and now I dont know where you are going to be next. Every time a hot drop hits me, I groan loudly, out of excitement rather than pain. It is simply indescribably beautiful how you spread the warm oil on my skin and massage it in. But whenever I enjoy it too much, you suddenly distance yourself. You drive me crazy. I beg and you seem to like it. I even imagine hearing you smile. And then you lick me. It comes so unexpectedly that after a few minutes I get angry. I never thought that my own story about my BDSM fantasies would make me so horny myself. It was sometimes difficult to plan and write down every single step in my head, but now I have the feeling that I know better what I could imagine and try out. And the most important thing of all: if I could feel good about it.

First VR Porn Cams: